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Bodytite™ is not an FDA approved procedure. It is a procedure approved only for clinical trials.

Park Avenue SmartLipo heads the BodyTite IRB Study for FDA Approval.

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Dr. Christopher T Chia
Christopher T Chia, M.D.

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Dr. Spero J Theodorou
Spero J Theodorou, MD

128 Central Park South
New York City, NY 10019

Dr. Alfredo E Hoyos
Alfredo E Hoyos, M.D.

Colombia Address: Cra. 15 # 83-33
Consultorio 304
Bogotá, Colombia
Miami, FL 33131
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Spero J Theodorou MD (Plastic Surgery)

Practice Name : bodySCULPT®
Address :
128 Central Park South
New York City, New York - 10019
Website :
October 7, 2010

Lower Body Lift - Tightens the Thighs and Buttocks

Lower body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a plastic surgery frequently sought after by both men and women. Due to the effects of aging, pregnancy, and/or due to extreme weight loss, some people tend to have excess skin in the lower parts of the body, which cannot be got rid of even after following rigorous exercise routines and healthy diet plan. With a lower body lift, a plastic surgeon tightens the thighs, buttocks and the abdominal area through liposuction, and removes excess skin so as to bring forth the desired aesthetic outcomes.

Lower Body Lift to Reshape Sagging Thighs and Buttocks

Lower body lift is a combination of several procedures performed during the same session. The plastic surgeons use several techniques to perform the procedure. Out of the different techniques applied, one which has proven safe and effective is BodyTite liposuction. BodyTite, which uses radio frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology, offers greater disruption of fat tissues along with skin tightening results. Lower body lift carried out with the innovative Invasix™ BodyTite™ system can considerably remove excess fat, and tighten saggy skin in the thighs and buttocks – all with minimum downtime and side effects.

Choose a Skilled and Talented Plastic Surgeon

You can have this procedure done in a hospital or in an outpatient facility. A personal consultation with the plastic surgeon is the first step for every patient considering a lower body lift. During your consultation, the plastic surgeon will listen to your concerns and goals. After examining you carefully, the surgeon will determine your eligibility for the surgery, and discuss various approaches, and customize a treatment plan that is right for you.

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